Terms and Conditions

The following TERMS & CONDITIONS are used in order to try and avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements arising in the future. There may be occasions where certain terms and conditions may seem inappropriate and in such circumstances unless alternatives are agreed in writing these terms and conditions shall be binding.

The ‘Contractor’ means InVentiv Roofing Solutions Ltd
The ‘Client’ means the person or party accepting this quotation
The ‘Works’ means the work described as per the attached quotation
The ‘Site’ means the location of the works
The ‘Contract’ means the contract concluded in accordance with these terms and conditions (including any agreed amendments)

1.1 Acceptance of this quotation by the Client shall constitute a binding Contract between both parties.
1.2 Unless otherwise agreed by the Contractor in writing the following Terms and Conditions shall apply.
1.3 Any stipulations or conditions on the Clients order or acceptance of the quotation which conflicts with qualify or negate any of these Terms and Conditions shall invalidate this quotation, unless such stipulates or conditions are agreed by the Contractor in writing.
1.4 The Contractor will only include works specified and is based on all items being accepted and carried out once work starts, the Contractor shall be allowed to continueworks interrupted, unless otherwise stated.
1.5 The Contractor reserves the right, by giving notice to the Client at any time before commencement, to increase the price of the quotation to reflect any increase in the factor beyond the control of the Contractor, such as but without limitation, any concerns by the Contractor over the creditworthiness of the Client, any foreign exchange fluctuation, currency regulations, alteration or duties, increase in the costs of labour, materials or other costs of manufacture. In any of these circumstances and where the Contractor gives notice, the Client or the Contractor may cancel this Contract and the Contract will be void.

The Client will be responsible for complying with every bye-law or other lawful requirement or instruction relevant to the Works and in particular, shall obtain, before
commencement of the Works, every necessary planning approval, licence, permit, consent or authority that may be required in connection with the Works, goods, or materials. The Contractor shall be reimbursed by the Client in full for all loses arising from non completion of Works and/or any expenses arising out of the need to expand additional money as a result of any failure by the Client.

3.1 All materials supplied by the Contractor and delivered on site, shall remain the property of the Contractor until paid for.
3.2 Any existing structures or materials stripped and/or removed during the course of the Works shall become the property of the Contractor unless agreed otherwise in writing.
3.3 The Client will provide safe and adequate storage for all materials delivered for the Works.
3.4 All unfixed trade specific materials on site are the responsibility of the Contractor.
3.5 All fixed trade specific materials are the responsibility of the Client.
3.6 When fitting salvaged materials, due to the lack of history known the Contractor accepts no responsibility for the integrity of the material.

Unless otherwise stated in the Description of the Works the Contractor has made no allowances in the quotation for;
4.1 Replacement, alterations, treatment or strengthening of any structural elements.
4.2 Alteration of the existing substrate or structure, improvement of drainage, water runoff or other improvements to the Clients premises.

5.1 The Contractor shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Employer due to circumstances outside his control including such as, but without limitation, lack of access, illness, breakdown in machinery, strikes, lock-outs, bad weather, failure to obtain materials as and when required, or any disorganisation of the construction industry (or any industry) affecting the Contract, and work may be partially or wholly suspended by the Contractor until the dislocation is ended. Any loss or expenses arising there from shall be borne by the Employer and paid to the Contractor by way of an additional sum added to the Quotation.
5.2 The Contractor will not be responsible for loss or damage by fire, flood, excessive damp or heat or other causes occurring before or after completion of the work.

While every care will be taken whilst carrying out the Works the Contactors shall not be responsible for any damage or consequential damage to the property or contents where such damage is the result of:
6.1 Weak of defective existing structures.
6.2 Soot or other falls.
6.3 Ceilings that are fixed directly to the rafters or joists.
6.4 Where the Contractors recommendations have not been followed.
6.5 Extreme or unusual weather conditions.
6.6 Delays outside the Contractors control.
6.7 The Contractor will accept no responsibility for any damage occurring as a result of water ingress, though every effort will be made to reduce this possibility.
6.8 The Contractor will accept no responsibility for any damage to the site grounds; grassed areas, access driveways or any other significant.

Upon receipt of any invoice or application the Client shall pay the Contractor the value of any completed work and/or the value of the materials delivered to site, such accountswill include scaffolding or other start-up costs. The Client shall pay the Contractor 100% of the quoted costs of the Works plus VAT upon practical completion (less any previous payments) as notified in writing by the Contractor. In the event of a bona fide defect in the Works the Client will notify the Contractor in writing within fourteen days of receipt of the Contractors invoice and subject to the Contractors reasonable discretion the Client will pay 95% of the value of the invoice for the Works plus VAT, the remaining 5% will be paid immediately upon completion of remedial works.
7.1 If payment is delayed and the Contractor is forced to seek legal action against the Client, the final outstanding monies owed will include all legal fees.

The Client will insure all fixed work against any loss and/or damage howsoever caused.

The quotation is for the specified Works only and does not include the following;
9.1 Removal and subsequent replacement of furniture, effects, floor coverings, and other obstructions.
9.2 Any fixings other than those specified.
9.3 Removal of dust or the like from roof space or the protection of water tanks or personal effects from dust and debris and the like.
9.4 Removal/protection of any items in the roof space.
9.5 The Client is to notify adjoining properties if shared Works are to be carried out on the chimney stacks, party parapet walls, bay roofs and back additions. When working on shared chimney stacks dust and debris can fall into the adjoining properties while every care will be taken to avoid this.

10.1 The quotation is open for acceptance for 90 days; Works agreed once confirmation of the quotation to the Contractor has been received in writing.
10.2 The quotation is open for acceptance for 90 days; all materials will be subject to price variations at the time of purchase.
10.3 The Client is responsible for supplying electricity, water and utilities.
10.4 The Client should be aware that after completion of a new roof covering is it possible that roof tiles or slates may slip due to unnoticed fractures when fitting. The Contractor will make good these defects.
10.5 The Contractor does not take responsibility for the loss of Sky/TV/Digital receptions.